Gardening for Exercise

If you're looking for new ways to move and get active - consider gardening. Not only does this lifelong activity get you out into nature, but it is actually a better workout than you might think.


It's always important to consider your body when you're out in the garden. While you may not realise it, you're burning more calories than you might expect. Remember to take breaks, drink lots of water and find a comfortable way to work. 


If you find it difficult to work on your knees, find products that let you work while standing. The WOLF-Garten Multi Star Click System allows you to work with a range of handle lengths, and makes transitioning from kneeling to standing a breeze. You can also use our extending handles to get those hard-to-reach jobs done safely from the ground. 


So what makes gardening such great exercise?

If you think about it - moving of all kinds can be exercise if you do it for more than a few minutes. Gardening can work all the major muscle groups, upper body, lower body and core. Whether you're carrying bags of soil across the yard, lugging mulch, raking, shoveling or planting, your body will feel like you've hit the gym.

Not only is exercise good for your joints, musles and bones, but it's also a great tool to reduce stress, connect with nature and clear your head.

So, next time you're out in the garden, don't hold back! Just remember to stop and rest when you need to.