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If you are looking for a versatile and durable spreader for your lawn or garden, you might want to consider the WE 430 Perfect Spreader from WOLF-Garten.

This spreader is designed to handle a variety of materials, such as sand, seed, fertilizer and top soil, with a wide spreading width of 43 cm and a large hopper capacity of 16 litres. You can easily adjust the spreader settings with the stop lever and the precise dial, ensuring an even and accurate distribution of your chosen seeds.

The spreader also features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel shaft and a stable base that stays steady while you fill it. The WE 430 Perfect Spreader is ideal for large areas and can help you achieve a healthy and beautiful lawn or garden with less time and effort.

Whether you want to sow seeds, fertilize your plants, or improve your soil quality, the WE 430 Perfect Spreader can do it all. Order yours today from WOLF-Garten, the world's best garden tools since 1922.

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Hopper size16 L
Spreader width43 cm
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