Looking for ways to beat the stress of modern life? Have you considered looking in the garden? Gardening is a fantastic way to relieve stress, spending time in nature and boost creativity. Here we go through five great ways gardening can help reduce stress. 


Get back in touch

Fresh air and interaction with nature is a great way to relieve stress and lighten your mood. Whether you take a stroll through your favourite garden, have a picnic in the grass, or do some planting or weeding at home can be beneficial to our overall mental health. Gardening will get you back in touch with nature, and with yourself. Clear your mind, breath in some fresh air and let the world slow down around you.


On the Move

Another well known way to tackle stress is through exercise. Gardening will get your body moving, strengthen you muscles, and transform a space in the process. Just remember to be kind to your body, take breaks, drink lots of water and use tools that are designed to keep your body moving.



It can be hard to admit, but sometimes the most stressful things in life are brought on by ourselves. The pressure to be available all the time, to work longer or to keep up with trends can be exhausting. Don't be afraid to disconnect. Make the concious decision to put down your phone, close your laptop and pick up a trowel. Removing these distractions can help keep you in the present. 


Cultivating creativity

Did you know gardening can boost creativity? Some of our best ideas come to us as we lay our heads down at night. That quiet time before we shut down for the day is vital for igniting our inner thoughts. The same is true of gardening. Gardening offers the time to appreciate the world around us, a quiet time to be alone with our thoughts and encourage creativity. Design a garden space, get creative with materials you have at home, or simply use your time weeding to collect your thoughts. In no time you'll feel the stress slip away and the creative juices flowing in.


Try something new

Don't let the idea of gardening for the first time overwhelm you. Start small, use what you have around the house and just have fun. Reducing stress through gardening is all about trying new things, being open minded and eliminating that sense of urgency surrounding us everyday. Do something for yourself and don't take it too seriously.