Commonly mistaken for a shovel, the spade has a sharpened blade designed for digging and tackling root systems. Designed with a straight or pointed edge, each type has it's strengths.


WOLF-Garten Pointed and Straight Edge Spades

Choose straight or pointed edge?

Spades designed with a pointed edge are ideal for creating furrows in garden beds or for accessing tighter spaces. These pointed spades are great for digging in soft or tilled soil as well as breaking up compact soil.

Straight edge spades are best for tackling hard-packed soils, creating neat, square holes or for cutting through root systems. 


WOLF-Garten Spade

Which handle is best?

When working in the garden, the design of a spade handle can make a huge difference both in the job you're doing as well as the impact on your body. Choosing a spade with a curved handle will make any job easier on your body and allows the spade to do the work.

While there are a variety of materials such as wood or aluminum, solid steel construction offers the ultimate in quality and stability. A steel handle offers won't break, even when performing the toughest jobs. Choosing a design with a non-slip grip and D handle is also a no-brainer. These simple design features are easier on the hands and prevent injury.


WOLF-Garten Spade

Work smarter, not harder!

If you're using your spade to dig out bushes, chop through roots, or for leveraging out deep-rooted plants, wide foot holds and a strong welded head will make life much easier and stand up to any project. A spade should feel comfortable, designed ergonomically for your body to prevent injury and keep you working longer.